Monday - May 18, 2015

What Inspires Me?

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Drawing and Dogs

I bring a fine arts background and education to my work; and I have found over the years that it serves me well. Marketing, design, layout, all of those things are so important; and they can be taught. But what do I do to see the world afresh? How do I come up with new ideas? That’s where my fine arts background (and my dogs) come in.

Studying and teaching in the arts has taught me about composition, wordplay, color, and layout; but more importantly, how to seek and see beauty, whimsy, and ways to communicate visually in ordinary, every day life.

I started teaching children’s workshops (#corcorancollegeofartanddesign) while I was a student, and continued teaching for 15 years. In general, kids are pretty uninhibited when they create, experimenting with abandon. There was so much about that experience that was rewarding and inspiring, not the least of which was the reminder that art is best when it is joyful and adventurous. I enjoy exploring new materials and methods, and I’m as comfortable with a pen as a computer.

I guess it’s no secret at this point that I am a dog person, right? I have four dogs—every one unique, and beloved; and I learn so much from them. They really know how to live in the moment and truly appreciate the little pleasures in life, like the joy of finding a sunny spot to curl up in and take a nap. They do, indeed, inspire me.

Everything I do is informed by experiences as an artist and my love of dogs. I feel that my clients and I both benefit from this: I am practicing my craft, combining elements of color, shape, pattern, and type—learning what works and what doesn’t. I am practicing the art of observation, making an effort to be totally in the present moment, while remaining open to whimsy and humor.

So on this particular day, what inspires me? Momo— lover of food, and art— not necessarily in that order.



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