Friday - May 22, 2015

Use Whatcha Got

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Like my Dad always says, “a poor craftsman blames his tools”

Yeah, alright, I admit it… I’m a fussy perfectionist… I might be a control freak… and it is true that I’ve been referred to as “Gadget Girl.”

So you can imagine my despair when, caught without my drawing supplies, my fancy scanner, my tricked-out digitizing pad, Laura asks me to whip up some illustrations for her new website. “Just have fun,” she says… “be loose, sketchy, playful…” Yeah right, that’s her department, not mine.

After panicking a little, I decide to kick it old school with the pen tool (Bezier curves) in Illustrator. When I launch the program Adobe presents me with a little marketing video about Adobe Draw, the new Illustrator companion app for your iPad. I decide to give it a whirl (not before going out to purchase a stylus of course #gadgetgirl). It’s fun, I’m feeling loose, I do a quick sketch of Laura, send it over to Illustrator and proceed to spend an entire day making an uptight, boring, awful illustration. Ugh.

After a childish hissy fit, lots of encouraging texts from Laura, and a decent night’s sleep, I decide to give being loose, sketchy, and playful another shot. I tell myself I only have 30 minutes for each illustration, and that I have to complete them in Adobe Draw on my iPad with no editing in Illustrator. You can undo strokes in Adobe Draw but you cannot change them or go back and delete previous marks. Drawing with a cheap stylus on an iPad is akin to painting with a kitchen sponge. But that’s good, right? The less control I have the better – it will force me to be loose!

I did eventually have fun and sure I wish they were better, but it’s about the process not product, at least that’s what they told us in art school #corcorancollegeofartanddesign 🙂 The illustrations of our Team on the CD website are the product of my experiment in Adobe Draw.



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